nvidia xorg configuration only allows maximum screen resolution, nvidia settings not retained on reb

I’m having some issues with the nvidia drivers and my monitor.

My system: Ubuntu 16.04, Dell Precision M4800 and a Quadro K2100M

The system settings show only a single display resolution, 3200x1800 (the maximum screen resolution for the installed screen).

NVidia settings however show all available resolutions; applying them works for that boot but gives a blurry display and the configuration is lost on reboot. If I save to the xorg config file, then when I reboot I have a large and blurry display that seems sized appropriately, however the display is panned to the full 3200x1800 (I only see however, 1900x1080 at a time however) and the mouse pointer isn’t accurate.

Potentially related: while using the nvidia drivers, the boot screen changes to the ugly form, gives a message about an unknown controller version then there’s a quick flash (~.5s) featuring the nvidia logo then I get the login screen. The login screen is in an acceptable resolution, but when I login I get the 3200x1800 resolution, or the described panning resolution above.

Can anybody give me any advice about getting a non giant resolution? My eyes would be immensely grateful.