Video Resolution switching problem under wine

Since the 302.x and all newer versions, all windows games that needs a different resolution as the desktop resolution, have problems with the resolution change.

Whenever the game request to change the resolution from e.g. 1920X1200 to 800X600 , the driver switches to correct resolution, but the screen is somehow not “locked” means, i can move the entire game screen around the like a scrollbox, i can scroll the screen to left to the right up&down wherever i like.

Also when wineserver -k is called , the effect also is applied to the running desktop graphic (KDE) and i am able to scroll the entire desktop screen around.

This does not happen with 295.x series of driver.

The screen will be “locked” again when i switch back manualy to 1920X1200 or any other resolution.

It helps to compile wine with:


I’ll try that but why one needs to re-compile wine manualy this this time, it should work out of the box as like before, since older nvidia drivers works, but newer does not.