How to use kafka consumer to parse rtsp address to create pipeline

I am trying to subscribe to topic by kafka consumer,Start pipelines by parsing the rtsp address through the consumer.In test5, there is only message consumer group in the config file, but it is disabled, how should I parse the message to create pipline

• Hardware Platform ( GPU)
**• DeepStream Version5.0

See inline.

The message in the topic is like
I want to subscribe to the topic, as long as there is a message, a pipeline to parse rtsp will be generated.Are there some examples showing how to parse the received message

Check this,

Message consumer

Deepstream-test5-app can be configured to work as message consumer for cloud messages. After parsing the received message and based on the content of the message specific action(s) can be triggered. e.g. appCtx, which holds the smart record context, is passed as an argument in start_cloud_to_device_messaging() that can be used to trigger start/stop of smart record.

By default, application prints the received messages to console. This is just to demonstrate the use case of receiving the messages from the server.
User need to implement the custom logic to work on the received messages.

To subscribe to cloud messages configure the [message-consumer] group(s) accordingly.