How to use the USB3.0 port USB_SS#1?

I design a custom tk1 board. I config the pcie use case 4 which is on the TK1 design guide.

PCIe lane 0 is used as LAN,lane 1 to 4 is used as pcie 4x,and the sata used as USB_SS#1.

For the usb 3.0 port ,I change the PCIe lane 0(USB_SS#0) to sata(USB_SS#1).Aslo I change the extlinux.conf to enable USB3.0(usb_port_owner_info = 2).

When I do the command lsusb -t, I can get a usb3.0 port,but when I connect a usb 3.0 device to my usb 3.0 port ,the usb 3.0 device is recognized as a usb 2.0 device.

I use the sata and usb port2 as a USB 3.0 PORT

Thanks for your help .

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