How to view Jetson nano live video from Android OS device

It sounds to be an issue in network stability. You may try lower bitrate. And please set enable-max-performance=1 to nvv4l2decoder plugin.

If the above is not enough, you may to increase socket buffers max size with buffer-size property of udpsink and udpsrc. The default value:

sudo sysctl net.core.rmem_max
net.core.rmem_max = 212992

may be low. Try using:

... ! udpsink buffer-size=33554432 ...

... udpsrc buffer-size=33554432 ...

Thank you all. After replaced the power supply from microUSB port to J25 at 5V 4A. It works much better than power supply from microUSB port.

Jetson nano can achieve my target fps and video quality. Can I say it has indirectly proved that the a smart phone with Android OS may achieve the same performance, is it?

How can I prove the same video streaming (udpsrc) can be played on iPhone with the same performance?

Since we don’t have much experience about running UDP on Android, are not able to comment further. Maybe you can try smaller resolution for comparison. If you have Linux PC, may also try to run gstreamer command on it.

I don’t have either experience with Android nor iPhone UDP client receiver, but if latency is not an issue, you may try to install VLC on phone. For UDP receiver you may have t create a SDP file telling the server IP, encoding and ports. Searching this forum you may find some examples. Then use VLC to read this sdp file and it should connect (as long that no firewall blocks some ports).

It may also be easier to use rtsp intead. You may check this.