How turn on Voice of instructor when watching the course slides online?

I am taking an online course, “Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing C/C++”
I can watch the slides.
Is there a way to hear the instructor’s voice while watching the slide show?


Are you referring to the slide decks in the Accelerated Computing Teaching Kit? Or are you referring to the DLI online, self-paced course titled “Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++”? These are two separate but related resources.

For the Teaching Kit slides, you should start the slideshow, then there is a “Play” icon in bottom right that you can click and should control the audio. The decks should already have the narrations set to play out of box. The Quick Start guide actually describes how to disable them.

For the DLI course, I don’t believe it has videos or narration, so I’m assuming you;re referring to the former.

I see the triangle that plays the slide show
But no voice. Just some annotations.

Another comment: I think the general interface of courses is not clear at all.

there’s left and right arrows, that take me to “Instructor Notes: Section 1 Script”, “High Level Instructor Notes”, most of these are empty

Also it seems I need to press Launch Task to read tuff like the source code, even if I don’t need to run it on the course website (I have my own nVidia GPU on which I do the excersizes). It seems a waste, why do I have to consume online resources (that other people may want) just to read HTML pages

Ah, you are indeed talking about the CUDA C/C++ online, self-paced DLI course. The slides in this course do not have accompanied audio.