DLI Self-Paced Courses

Hello All,
I am an Electrical Engineering Student and talked to some Professors here, asking them to please apply for the Teaching Kits, but I was unsuccessful - it seems I am the only one interested in all this or they just don’t want to take the time to do it.
I wouldn’t request the hardware. I understand that it’s expensive, but I would love to at least have access to at least 2 of the DLI Self-Paced courses.
I’ve already gone through talks, TWs, some other available resources, and even took the GPU Acceleration with the C++ Standard Library course and would like to take the Fundamentals of Acc. Comp. with CUDA C++ (this one has top priority) and then the Getting Started with DL, if possible.
I wonder whether there’s some sort of discount for a student, or any sort of program that would help me get access to some of the Self-Paced Course. I would, of course, pay it forward in any other form. Even if just by raising awareness around/among the folks here. I just couldn’t literally pay for the courses right now.
Thanks NVIDIA.