Unable to claim Free NVIDIA DLI Course

The link below provides a list of courses available for free when you join the “NVIDIA Developer Program”.

But when I access the course below on the list, I am charged 90 dollars.
Getting Started with Deep Learning

How can I sign up for this course for free since I’m on “nvidia-developer-program”?
I would like clarification despite being very grateful to be in this program.


Welcome to the forums! This issue will require a DLI engineer to assist. I have reached out to them to investigate ASAP.



We occasionally have students who run into problems when trying to register for the free course through the registered developer program. I’ve manually enrolled you in the course, and you should be able to access it from your course dashboard at https://courses.nvidia.com/dashboard

I am very grateful. Have a great week.

@tdahlin I am similarly unable to claim ‘Getting Started with Accelerated Computing in CUDA C/C++’ , could you add me as well ? Course Detail | NVIDIA

thank you!


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thank you!