DLI: Unable to claim the free course

I have been unable to claim a free DLI course when I joined the NVIDIA Developer Program through this link: Join the NVIDIA Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer

When I click on “Claim my course” I get redirected to a page that says: “Sorry, but you are not eligible to participate in this promotion.”

Why am I not eligible for this? Or is this an error?


Welcome to the forums. This could be related to a known issue with the DLI platform. I will have the DLI folks take a look at your acount ASAP.



I’m not seeing a DLI account associated with your NVIDIA developer account. Can you please try visiting Join first to enroll in DLI, then try accessing the URL to enroll in your free course?

My mistake, I’ve found your account in our system. Which course is it that you were trying to enroll in? I will manually enroll you in the course.


Thank you for the response. Can I only choose a course from the list here, or is it possible to choose any DLI course from the catalog?


Only from the courses listed at Join the NVIDIA Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer

Okay, I choose this one: Building Real-Time Video AI Applications

I’ve enrolled you in that course.

Thank you very much!

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