Access to DLI workshop material and certs

I took Rapid Application Development Using Large Language Models (LLMs) and have signed up for a few more courses but when I login to nvidia and look at “Training” or “Certificates” under my account I cannot find anything.


I show no enrollments under this email used for your forum account. Did you use another email address by chance? Can you share the link to the course you took?

Thanks for the reply. Looks like I will need to get the DLI engineers involved on this ASAP.


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Purchasing these workshops does not automatically enroll you in the course nor does it automatically provide certificates for the course. When you purchase a workshop enrollment, we expect you to attend the workshop where an event code is given to enroll in the course. I’ve manually enrolled you in the Conversational AI course, but the LLM workshop does not start until the 6th. When that workshop starts, you will be given an event code to use to enroll in the course.

I did enroll but now the link i had used to enroll “NVIDIA Training Solutions | NVIDIA” is redirecting me to another page and I don’t see anything below my username. I was at the workshop and missed a piece so wanted to go verify with the material. Thank you for helping me with this and will be on top of things now.

You should be able to access your courses at My Learning | NVIDIA after you have logged in.

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