HTML5 Gamepad API

Hey guys,

This may seem weird,

But I am experiencing weird Gamepad behavior with the Chromium browser included in the Jetson Nano Ubuntu image.

Version 78.0.3904.108 Built on Ubuntu, running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64 bit) [included in Jetson image]


I am not experiencing this bug if I play the game with Firefox browser. (doesn’t perform as well, sadly)
This bug is not present in other versions of Chrome I have tried on different platforms either.

I understand that NVIDIA has a special build for Chromium on Jetson platforms.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of finding this bug in the source?

Or perhaps I can get a confirmation that there is in deed something wrong with the Gamepad implementation on Chromium for the Jetson Ubuntu.

Its a very small, but critical bug, that I would love to fix - if I am to try and use the Jetson Nano to run the WebGL game.


I have submitted a bug on the corresponding website for Ubuntu Chromium bugs.

But I suppose I’ll leave this post up here incase anyone else is experiencing the problem.

Sorry that I cannot understand your problem. You reference link gives out an error even on my host chrome.

Thank you for your response.

Ive re -uploaded the build to the same link:
Although, Ive had the same problem with the reliability of x10 hosting.

Here is link to the WebGL App on GitHub:

App Information:

(Keyboard: [WASD] )
-> Golden Bot Movement.
(Keyboard: (B) )
-> Hold to activate The Shield Wall. This also engages gravity.
(Keyboard: [Space] )
-> Shoot button, when cannon is equipped and ammo is stocked (sorry for the tutorial)
(Keyboard: [P] )
-> Pause Menu.

(Joystick: 0 ) -> Shield (= Keyboard: (B) )
(Joystick: 1 ) -> Shoot (= Keyboard: [Space] )
(Joystick: 3) -> Pause (= Keyboard: [P] )

Bug Information:

The Gamepad buttons are on “rapid fire” or “turbo Mode” while running on the Chromium for Jetson.

Keyboard Buttons work as intended.


Version 78.0.3904.108 Built on Ubuntu, running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64 bit) [included in Jetson image]
Running on Jetson Nano.
Using a Playstation 4 Controller (via bluetooth, no change to behavior when used as USB wired mode)

Other Test Setups:

The latest install of Firefox, running on the Jetson Nano with the given OS environment, will run fine and handle the gamepad controls as intended. (albeit performance is not as good)

This has been tested on latest versions of Safari and the Edge Chrome browser for Mac.

If there are any other resources you would like for me to provide, please let me know.

Am I being a fool?

Or have I been helpful in pointing out an undesired behavior within the Chrome Gamepad implementation for ARM 64?

I’ve posted about this both on here and what I believe to be the respective forum for Ubuntu.

But here is the only place I’ve got some response :-)

I am sure I am amateur compared to the lot of you folks here in this forum,
so thank you for putting up with my ignorance.


Hi kevaad,

Sorry for late reply. Actually we guys on this forum are not expert of WebGL tools.
As you see, most of questions on this forum are related to system configuration or I/O bring up issue.

Could you kindly share some simple debug information like…

  1. How to install this application and running on jetson nano Chromium?
  2. How to tell if this is an error on jetson nano chromium only or happens to all kinds of browser on all other platforms? I mean how about using x86 desktop environment and see if this issue happens there too?

Hi Wayne,

Sorry for my late reply as well!

I took some time to find a reliable enough server to I can link you a working build to properly demonstrate the issue I was having.

But since ive first started this thread, there has been an update to Chromium on the Jetson Nano.

That update DID fix the bug!

The Gamepad input properly detects but “on button down” command,
instead of constantly returning true whenever the button is being held down.

  1. Updated Chrome via terminal and issue is fixed!

( sorry I do not have the Jetson next to me to confirm the new version number, but it is the latest version as of writing this post.

a. I’ve had to find a reliable server to link the build : and here it is! lol (not that you need it anymore)

b. Since the bug has been fixed with the latest update, it looks like this issue is officially closed!

  1. This error was not present in other browsers running on the same Jetson Nano hardware,
    so I have determined that it was in deed a software bug.

a. Looks to be a bug specific to the arch64 version of chromium (looks like but I could of been wrong)

b. I have only tested on a handful of chrome builds
(mainly on MacOS, plus Jetson, this could have been a linux chrome bug for all I know)
( although I havent tested enough versions of chrome to confirm that this issue was only restricted to the Arch64 version)

But just to recap:

Thank you for your time and responses!

The issue has been fixed with the latest version of Chrome pushed for the Jetson Nano, as an update has been pushed since the opening of this issue.