Jetson nano problems with Netflix and others content suppliers.


I’m just setted Jetson Nano. I wanted to watch netflix or other pay services. Can not because I ave some issues with drm. I 've tried Chromium but plug in from Nova doesnt work. Firefox is not working.
Can anybody help me. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 from official release form Nvidia.


It’s because of a lack of DRM support. It may come at some point. You would have to ask Nvidia if it is plabned. It might be useful for those creating set too boxes.


The plugin that is required for drm decryption is not available currently for arm64 based platforms.

there is an armhf binary available that you can pull from various chrome-os images that will work on the nano if you use an armhf version of chromium.

BUUUTTTT… we don’t have 32bit opengl drivers for the jetson nano so chromium will lack any kind of gpu based compositing which basicly makes it unusable for video playback.

I have tried everything including attempting to use the jetson tx1 32bit opengl libraries from within a chroot however they don’t seem to be compatible with the nano’s kernel.

On windows 10 for arm64 they are using the x86 plugin because windows has a background compatibility layer called wow64 that is capable of emulating x86 transparently.

Recently I have been looking into something similar for linux/arm64 but I don’t know if it exists.

the closest thing I have found is qemu-user-binfmt but I havn’t had any success with that either lol.

Really I think that our only hope is for when the snapdragon based chromebooks are released early next year. I’m hoping that google will be releasing an arm64 based userspace for chrome os and along with that an arm64 widevinecdm binary.

Thanks chrismitchells for your response. It’s really useful for me. Also this play pokemon go for free guide might be useful to you if you are a gamer. It’s amazing.