How to play Netflix with Chromium on Jetson nano


I’m try to play Netflix with Chromium on Jetson nano, but it shows “Netflix error F7701-1003”.
And I also asked the customer service of Netflix whom says that please consult the device vendor.


Hi kyc1109,

I don’t know the meaning of “Netflix error F7701-1003”, thus can’t give the exactly answer why it happened, but that might be due to no HDCP/DRM…etc secure content feature supported on Nano to have this error.
Currently, there is no plan to have this feature implemented on Nano, if there is any change, I will let you know.


Hi kayccc

You are right, that is caused by no DRM.

thanks for your reply

I’m aware chromium on jetson nano does not have html5 and sliverlight support which makes it impossible to use netflix.
Any work-around??

Chromium necessarily has html5 support. Silverlight is discontinued entirely on every platform. Lack of DRM support is the issue. There is no workaround that would give you full Netflix quality. Nvidia would have to change things, as kayccc notes.

hmm… would there be any fixes though?

Not that I can think of. I don’t think Netflix supports a low quality fallback stream anymore where DRM doesn’t exist.

It’s stupid since perfect stream rips of nearly all Netflix content are out there (no, I can’t point you to any), but nobody said media executives were smart.

well… that’s depressing
hope one day I could watch netfilx with my jetson…

If somebody ports Android it might be possible, but workarounds are required to get Netflix working on a rooted device.

It miiiight be possible with a technique like this but you’ll probably have to wait for the next JetPack release for ffmpeg hardware acceleration:

It may happen in time, but it’s not easy. In any case, most Tvs have Netflix nowadays. Chromecast is another cheap way to play Netflix. Linux does play Netflix if your PC supports DRM. Windows can play it, but I think you need to use Edge for 4k playback. Most consoles can (for some reason, not switch).

Maybe, I can understand that Wintel is the best solution not NV on Arm.