Chromium hardware video decoding


I would like to launch a project using Chromium to play videos and have an interface using HTML using the Jetson’s GPU. (Jetson Nano)

However, I read that Chromium was not able to use hardware acceleration on this platform.

Is it possible to enable it?

Is this wiki be valid for the Jetson Nano?

If hardware decoding isn’t available, would the video be laggy?

How much of the CPU would be used to decode a 1080p@30fps video?
Could other features such as CSS transitions be hardware accelerated?

It would seems like a waste of resources not using the GPU for video decoding.

If the board was not designed for such applications, is there a piece of hardware that would be more adequate for this?

Thank you very much

It is not supported. Please refer to

Sorry, I may have misunderstood your questions. But yesterday I tested Jetson Nano with Armbian (Ubuntu with DE XFCE), including the chrom browser for full-screen YouTube video playback. The result can be read here.