I am using HPCX and am having trouble using Fortran with the precompiled Fortran mpi.mod. Any attempt to import the Module file mpi.mod produces an error. Is there a way to use Fortran with newer or different (i.e. ifort) compilers?

I am using HPCX 2.70-redhat7.7

The mpi mod file shows

GFORTRAN module version ‘10’ created from mpi.F90

Is it possible to use this with newer versions of gfortran? How do we use Intel compilers?

Is the src code for mpi.F90 available so that we can build a suitable mod file for whatever fortran compiler we have?

I see online the following conversion table.

GFORTRAN module version ‘10’ => gcc 4.8.3

GFORTRAN module version ‘12’ => gcc 4.9.2

GFORTRAN module version ‘14’ => gcc 5.1.0

No, MPI.MOD is build combine with HPC-X