I need to disable CUDA on windows 8 Nvidia control panel.

I need to disable cuda on windows 8. How?

How do i disable CUDA ? can this be done in any way?

I do not think you can physically disable CUDA. The same hardware is used for computations and for playing games. If you installed the toolkit is enough to uninstall it. CUDA will not interfere with the other operations.

On my Windows 7 machine, there is an option on the NVIDIA Control Panel under 3D settings that mentions: CUDA - GPUs: where you can select any particular GPUs to run CUDA apps on. It seems you are able to uncheck even if you have a single GPU, so presumably that will disable CUDA code from running on that GPU… although I have not tried to see if that’s the case… Honestly I’m not sure why OP would even want to do that…

But in practice this will not give you any performance increase in games.