I want to ask how Deceit can get optimized

So, basically I play Deceit and I don’t get it. When I reboot I get better fps until I go in energy safe mode or whatever. When I open up the device next day, I have fps drops and I assume when I reboot it will kinda be fixed, but why does this even occur?

The reason I choose this forum is, this is more developer thingy and I want to collect solutions to report it to the Deceit team, because I want to play with better fps, means the game has to get optimized.

But how can you optimize the game, are there tools are there anything idk, this is hard. One day I’ll learn about graphics and stuff too but now I’m still learning something else before I can learn coding.

The engine Deceit uses is named Cry Engine.

Also SCP: Secret Laboratory has the same issue and it is the light, the light in Unity Engine is horribly.

When Valve makes a game however, it is optimized, even when it is Unity. The reason I mention this, maybe someone knows the difference between how Valve renders the light and how other games does it, like that I can find out the solutions.