I want to combine two types of trained data

For example, I have two trained models of the same neural network.

They both have a “.tlt” file extension.

I want to combine them to generate a new “.tlt” file.

How can I do that?


A.tlt → pretrained cat detection model

B.tlt → pretrained dog detection model

A.tlt + B.tlt = C.tlt

→ tao toolkit learning models

→ new .tlt file that can discriminate between cats and dogs

It is still necessary to train a new model with these two kinds of dataset.

Does that mean I can’t create a model that can detect new objects from a pre-trained model?

For example cat.tlt and dog.tlt.

Combine them and create cat+dog.tlt (a model that can detect cats and dogs)

No, you can train a model that can detect new objects from a pre-trained model. But there is not a way to combine them directly. To create cat+dog.tlt, it is needed to prepare cat and dog dataset. The cat.tlt or dog.tlt can be a good pretrained model during the training.

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