Question about additional learning

How can I use the tao-toolkit to train additional differences to an existing model?

For example, I would like to add our original dataset to “model.tlt” in the following URL and generate a new trained file.

My original dataset is the annotated images and class files.

■pre-trained model


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Thank you.

You can use the peoplenet model as the pretrained model and then train with your own data.

For example, a pretrained model is a file named .tlt.

Suppose that the pretrained model can only detect people.

I want to add a newly annotated cat image and a class file to it and generate a file that can distinguish between people and cats.

human + cat .tlt

Suppose the time spent learning the cat took 3 hours.

Then I want to be able to detect people, cats and dogs again.

Suppose the dog for learning also took 3 hours.

human+cat+dog .tlt

I want to be able to spend only 3 hours in this case.
is it possible?

Can you please tell me the URL of a document that might be helpful?

Yes, a good pretrained model can play this important role. You can find some info in

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