I2C connection for Deserializer control when connecting two MAX96724 to AGX Orin

In order to connect eight ISP built-in cameras capable of GMSL2 output in AGX Orin, we plan to configure a carrier board using two MAX96724.

Inferring from the Carrier Board circuit diagram, it appears that the Deserializer is configured using I2C_GP3, and the Deserializer is sequentially controlled using the I2C Mux. In this case, it is judged that the two deserializers have the same I2C address.

Are there restrictions in allowing two Deserializers to access different I2C addresses from a single I2C I/F without going through the I2C Mux?

Yes the device connect to I2C MUX become different bus.

Thanks for your response.

The key question is whether two Deserializers with different Device Addresses can be used by sharing the same I2C without using MUX, as shown in the picture below.

I would like to inquire as we have confirmed that all examples of Camera I/F are connected to multiple Deserializers through I2C MUX.

Yes, different address can connected to the same bus.

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