I2S0 and I2S1 on Jetson Orin Nx

We are designing our custom carrier board for the Jetson Orin Nx. The idea is to have a microphone and speaker on it. I understand the I2S0 can be used for both speaker and microphone. But as per this post, it’s not good when you have simultaneous use of mic and speaker (for example handling a phone call).
Hence, I was looking at I2S1. Following are my questions:

  • Does I2S1 work on 1.8V logic as the I2S0 ? If yes, I’m guessing it’ll require voltage shifters similar to I2S0

  • On the dev kit I2S1 is part of the M.2-E. If I use it for my mic/speaker (not connecting it to M.2-E), would it cause problems for the M.2-E Wifi/BT module? I don’t know which pins of the M.2-E are important for Wifi/BT modules.

Hi, DMIC is not supported on Orin NX. The I2S port can be used for Audio codec. You can refer to the Orin NX Design Guide in DLC for the detail info of I2S port.

Hi @Trumany ,
Thank you for getting back and advising. I tried looking through the Design Guide for Digital Microphone controller reference, but couldn’t find. However, I had reviewed several posts as this one, where users were able to get I2S microphone working with the Jetson kits. Just wanted to double check, if I still need a DMIC to use an I2S microphone, similar to this one. In addition, the speaker module will also be an I2S audio amplifier, like this one.

Also, please see below (it’s from the design guide). It seems like it’s supporting Digital Microphones:

Both, I2S0 and I2S1 has DIN and DOUT available. I believe they should be able to support microphones and speakers, right? Please correct me if anything

However, if DMIC is not available, what other options do we have, for interfacing microphones (USBs ?)?

Thank you.

Orin NX does not support DMIC. I am not sure if your I2S mic/speaker can be supported, but if it is just I2S port, then should be ok.

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