Ideal Motherboard for multi-GPU setup

Soon I must get another motherboard to accommodate 2 K20c and 2 680. As I recently discovered there can be issues when you mix multiple GPUs which have different PCI-e speeds. The K20s are PCI-e 2.0 while the 680’s are 3.0.

Also I may need the ability to swap out the 680s and use 2 Quadro 5000s for display, which are also PCI-e 2.0.

Ultimately I would like to get the maximum potential out of the setup, with the flexibility to do computation, as well as the occasional game play and high quality video output. I have a 1200 W power supply which should be enough, given I probably will not be using all four at once.

The system will be a dual-boot Windows 7 x64 Ubuntu 12.04 x64.

Is there anybody out there with a similar setup and is getting full potential out of the system? If so what specific motherboard/cpu combination are you using?



I am hoping some could come and tell their opinions. I have 2 660 TI with a 1500 W power source and I plan to add a Titan to the setup. I have an Asus motherboard (P9X79 DELUXE). I will order soon and let you know how i works for me.

I looked around and this seems to be one option for a 4 gpu setup(4 x16 slots);

multi-gpu users out there -> what motherboard are you using, and are you happy with the performance?

I have a x79 deluxe which supports up to 3 way sli. I have 2 660 TI in sli and a Titan. I was a little concerned about the fact that cards are so close to each other. On idle the temperatures look ok. I have not try yet a heavy load, but I will sometimes next week after I reinstall the system.

I am running now 3 programs 1 on titan and 1 on 660 ti. The computer is stable. The temps are 85 C for titan and 75 C for 660. The programs are identical fft using 1.5 GB of RAM all together. Everything seems ok so fa. Some noise is present, but at this level is manageable.

Are you using SLI for calcs using all three gpus? I though there were problems with such a setup.

Soon I will be getting a new motherboard and will post my impressions with 4 gpus.

85 C seems kind of high, what type of cooling do you use? Even after a 2 hour Skyrim game on max settings my 680 does not ever get over 70 C.

Games tend to push those GPUs more than calculations in my experience, unless you are doing some really crazy calcs.


I was running 2 programs with fft, quite large matrices (1.5 GB or vram used in each case). SLI has no effect and Titan card is no connected to the 660 cards. It is not a smart setup, the cards are practically touching each other. I have a Cooler Master case. I should probably get read of one 660Ti card. Each card is seen separately.