Identity of developer cannot be confirmed?

So I registered , downloaded freePGI, installed it in my applications folder

Double clicked the icon, and all I get is “identity of the developer cannot be confirmed”

Not an auspicious start…

Any ideas?

I was looking to be impressed etc - I’ll give it another hour or so of my time no more



Can you tell us what OS are you using and which Xcode version? Please try a workaround for now: right-click and click “Open”.

Thank you,

Hi Stuart,

We expect to see this problem with the new security changes rolling down the pipe from Apple for OS X 10.9.5 (recently released) and 10.10 (imminent). As Hongyon requested, could you confirm that you are running one of these OS versions?

I am testing a fix for this for the next release of Free PGI, where we will sign the app on a Mavericks system. This will allow running the app on any OS X system set to ‘Allow apps downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers.’

In the interim, as a workaround, you could do the following to install an older version of Free PGI:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Select Security & Privacy
  • Select ‘Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere’

Then close System Preferences, and you should be able to run Free PGI.

Hope this helps,


Well those suggestions helped

OSX 9.5 , xcode 5.1.1 - command line tools installed

Now I can launch pgi etc - and a terminal window appears etc

But when I attempt to compile my code from a test directory the compilation fails - can’t find stdio.h - both gcc and icc compile this file in this directory … Strange

Strange, indeed. I tested Free PGI 14.9 on OS X 10.9.5 and Xcode 5.1.1 here, and it worked fine for me. Could you post the resulting output of passing -v on the compile line on your system?


$ pgcc -v -o hello hello.c



I can’t paste output cos I am accessing remotely at the moment … However I can say that the PGI free link I was given 2 days ago gives me 14.7 not 14.9… Maybe that’s the issue??

Okay sorted it! The command line tools weren’t actually installed although by apples reckoning they were

Running a 24 thread test simulation now