license expired

hello, I am trying to compile using 15.5 on OS X.
the installation, license and compiler were working up to last week, today I’ve got an error message

NOTE: your trial license has expired.  To obtain a permanent
license, contact or your local PGI distributor,
or purchase online at:

If you need additional time to evaluate the PGI compilers and tools
to make a purchasing decision, send a request for an evaluation
extension to

From my understanding a developer license does not expire. Is it correct?

Hi EricMan,

The Free-OSX product isn’t licensed, so no, it should never expire. My guess is that you accidentally downloaded and install the full OSX Workstation which is licensed.

You should have gotten a download link to the Free OSX package with your confirmation email. If you can’t find this link, please send a note to PGI Customer Service ( and they can resend the download link.

Hope this helps,

Yep, that is correct, thanks.
I do prefer the full OSX Workstation, indeed.