Idle GPU

@1. Test Scenario

  1. Contents Info
    -. Video Codec : H.264
    -. Resolution : 1920 x 1080p
    -. File Size : 28MB
    -. File Length : 229sec (3min 49sec)
  2. Test Tool
    -. Sample Source from NVIDIA, ‘nvidia_video_SDK_6.0.1’

@2. Test Result
-. We are transcoding the content file with NvTranscoder that includes in the above Sample Source.
-. We are transcoding 15 content files in the same server at the same time.
-. In case of one-transcoding, the delay time is just 17 sec, but in case of 15-transcoding, it is 218 sec. In the meanwhile, all CPU usage is just 4~9% and each process’s CPU usage has 0~1% and GPU usage has 9%.
-. 15-transcoding’s delay time is too long, so we are afraid of using the function for live channel.

@3. Question
-. We are evaluating Quadro M4000 to implement the H.264 video transcoder with NVIDIA SDK. The performance result is bad although CPU and GPU are enough. Why is it bad?
-. We excluded two process of encoding files and saving the encoded files but it reduced just 4 sec. Why is it just 4 sec?