Illegal value error with PGF90


I’m trying to run CALMET model with PGF90 (version 7.1) . When I’m trying to run its Terrel preprocessor with srtm data it shows the below shown error.

Processing data file:
PGFIO-F-201/OPEN/unit=7/illegal value for specifier.
File name = …/srtm/n18e076.hgt
In source file terrel.f, at line number 3552

The line 3552 in programme is as shown below,

c — Open the file
c open(ioinp,file=datafil(k),form=‘TRANSPARANT’,status=‘OLD’,
c & access=‘SYSTEM’,recl=irecl)
& access=caccess,recl=irecl)
c caccess Read the binary data with “transparent access”.
c — Set the datum string, interval step, and number of points and strips
c of terrain data in file

I’m very new to this field, could not able to sort out the issue.

Can anybody help me ?

Thanks in advance


You did not show the value of the variable cform. Check that the specifier is spelled correctly (use the English spelling – “TRANSPARANT” is used in Dutch – in the Fortran OPEN statement).

Hi Vineeth,

This error means that at least one of the values you’re using in your OPEN statement is wrong. What are the values for “cform” and “caccess”?

  • Mat