Implement yolov5 on jetson tx1

Hi all,

I am using jetson TX1 with jetpack 4.4 and python 3.6.9
I cannot install tensorrt in python in order to test a neural network. It was not possible to install it using pip and I want To know:
1- Which tensorrt version should I install in this environment
2- How can I install tensorrt instead of using pip

when I try to implement the model conversion, the operation fails due to memory issues. I guess it is related to tensorrt version but I cannot tell which version to use.

Thank you very much


JetPack 4.4 includes TensorRT 7.1.3.
You can find the Python package in the below link directly.




THank you very much.

f it possible to install higher versions of tensorRT ? because the current 7.1.3 shows memory errors during the conversion step.

Thank you


You can upgrade to JetPack 4.6.3 which contains TensorRT 8.2.

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