TensorRT Python API for TX1


Perhaps this question has already been asked, but I can’t seem to find anything definitive so here it goes.

As far as I can tell, the python API released with TensorRT 3.0 only supports x86.

Are there any plans to support the python API for use with the ARM based TX1/TX2?



Python API on Jetson will be supported in our future release but no concrete schedule yet.
Please pay attention to our announcement to get the latest status of TensorRT.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

something new about the python API with TensorRT?
I installed fresh JetPack 3.3 on TX1 and it seems that python API still missing.
Is there any workarround?

same question as Body_no1, are there guides to install tensorrt Python API on it?


TensorRT Python API is supported by JetPack4.2.
You can get it once there is a new JetPack version for TX1.