Tensorrt on Jetson nano developer kit using Yolov8 and python3.8

Hello everybody. I am using the ultralytics library with yolov8 for inference on my jetson nano. In a model with the .pt extension, it is running at 10 FPS, I want to optimize this, I carried out the test by exporting the model to .engine on google collaborative and got better performance on the GPU. However, I cannot install tensorrt in python 3.8, and to use ultralytics it is only in this version of python. When I run “pip install tensorrt” I get the following error: ERROR: Failed building wheel for tensorrt


We only support the default Python version, for JetPack it’s Python 3.6.
If you want to install Python 3.8 on JetPack 4, please build the pybinding from the source:


Hi - I’m trying to use YOLOv8 and Python 3.8 as well - did you have to compile PyTorch from source as well?


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