IMX283 image sensor driver development for TX2 NX SOC

Hi everyone,

I am bit new to Jetson ecosystem. We are looking to start a embedded camera project. We found IMX283 Sony sensor a suitable option consider big sensor size and 20MP of resolution.

But unfortunately no ecosystem partner has a driver for IMX283 for TX2 NX SOM yet. We want to use TX2 NX only for this project as it’s capabilities are suitable for us and we don’t want to unnecessary increase the cost of project with TX2 SOM.

Can anybody guide us how challenging it will be to develop our own driver given that we will get source code of the drivers of IMX283 for other platforms for reference?

Also can anybody guide us the procedure if we want to make our own drivers and build and add it to kernel?

hello abhi11796acharya,

here’s developer guide for camera driver implementation, Sensor Software Driver Programming.

actually, please refer to Jetson Partner Supported Cameras. I do see one Jetson Camera Partners provide this camera solution for Jetson TX2, which is close enough to TX2 NX besides the camera connector.

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for pointing out to the relevant document. We contacted the Nvidia partner and they said that driver is available for TX2. My question is what we need to do in TX2 driver source code to make it ready for TX2 NX? Or the driver in TX2 will work as it is in TX2 NX?

Btw I will go through the document which you pointed out and let you know if I have any further queries.

hello abhi11796acharya,

TX2 and TX2 NX they’re sharing the same kernel driver, but, the they’re using different device tree.
for example,
TX2: tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-c03-00-base.dtb
TX2 NX: tegra186-p3636-0001-p3509-0000-a01.dtb

assume you’ve contact with Jetson Camera Partners and receive this camera solution for Jetson TX2,
you’ll need to port the device tree changes to TX2 NX to bring-up the camera.

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