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Hi, I hooked up a FRAMOS-IMX565 sensor via a ConnectTech Boson board to a Jeson TX2 NX. Now I’m searching for a driver for IMX565 sensors. In the latest JetPack are drivers included from IMX185 to IMX577, but my one is missing.

I found thread that someone was working on a driver here:

And this site suggests that the IMX565 is supported:

Maybe someone could point me in the right direction where I can find the driver and how to set up the device tree?

Thanks a lot! :)

Well, I have written a driver for IMX565 from scratch (and yes, it is used in a production system as of now) since I have designed also a custom sensor board with it. NVIDIA does not provide such drivers, but FRAMOS should naturally provide their support for their own board - which you have.

The thing here is, that FRAMOS is a totally incompetent company which is unable to provide proper support. They ask for hundreds and thousands of cameras to be purchased before they would deal with you - and then they fail to provide even a sample in a reasonable time frame. I think their position to be both the sensor dealer and a camera maker is a big conflict of interest and oh boy, they can not answer even simple questions - they just keep questioning you without getting it anywhere.

I wonder how did you get to such a module and why it did not come with drivers from where you got it.

The drivers are not open-source, since there are things which are under NDA from Sony and I prefer to keep the source clean and also name the registers properly (unlike many others who just paste a BLOB there).

The way I make it to work is by generating both the driver and device tree code - so I can easily adjust the number of sensors, lanes and bitrate and other compile time specifics and support a variety of platforms. Most hosts I directly support are based on Leopard Imaging carrier boards or adaptors, and my sensor board has the matching connector board for this.

Porting the DT is possible as long as there is schematics of the whole system. There were some attempts to make it work on Auvidea host boards, but they were very secretive about their wiring… and then we found out the hard way that some signals are mixed 1.8 and 3.3V and that the reset is common among all sensors.

Generally speaking, the drivers would across different hardware, but there are things which has to be solved first - the hardest part on 565 was the fact that the TX2 can not generate the required MCLK - the range of the internal PLL is too narrow, so one has to have an external PLL or XO.

Let me know if the found/provided drivers do work for you, or what do you miss there.

You usually connect an adapter board (they call it Framos Sensor Adaptor) directly on the back of the sensor that deals with voltage and clock generation. There is no product page for the one i use but it looks like this:

I have no schematic for the ConnectTech Boson base board, so I had to reverse engineer existing DTs and guess which GPIO is hooked up to which connector pin when creating the device tree. After some fiddling it worked and made a first Image. Looks fine. Don’t know yet if I really got everything correct and all 4 lanes are used. The driver seems to expect a VSYNC feedback, which should not work yet. But its a good start. :)

I’ll try to get a schematic for the base board.

Hi @zottsoft ,

Connect Tech has support available for the IMX565 from FRAMOS today for the Boson with Xavier NX, the addition of this support for the TX2-NX is in current development. We should have the release supporting the IMX565 by early next week, I will send a notice once it is available. For any other questions or additional support for the Boson, don’t hesitate to contact our support team - support @ connecttech .com

Rob Callaghan

Hi @zottsoft

My name is Nathan and I’m working in the Product Management team at FRAMOS. I’m glad you were able to find access our standard sensor drivers in your sensor module package. As you’ve discovered our drivers are purpose built for the Nvidia Jetson Development kits and will not work, by default, with the Connect Tech Boson carrier board. As Rob mentioned we have been working to add support for the FSM-IMX565 on the Boson TX2 NX platform, available next week. We are always standing by to support our customers and working closely with partners like Connect Tech to ensure we have the right mix of sensor modules integrated. The best way to get help is via email at support @ framos. com

Please contact our support team if you need any assistance in the future.


Hi @n.dinning and @rcallaghan.cti ,

Thank you for your feedback! I got it working by reverse engineering the provided IMX415 device trees. The camera works as expected, but now I’m curious how your device tree will look like.

I have not contacted you for the schematic yet since there was no need to fix the missing VSYNC. It works anyway. There are no issues with both of your products for now.

Maybe one thing: Flashing the TX2 with the Boson-Board is a pain. You have to press the Reset-Button in the ~15min flashing process two times with ~0.5s precision. Don’t know if that is related to you. (JetPack 4.6)

Otherwise, good work :)


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