in nvenc_hevc encoder using constant bitrate mode

I am trying to set constant bitrate mode in nvenc_hevc encoder in ffmpeg

I set bitrate is 156kbps in 256x144 resolution

my goal is do not exceed 165kbps but now bitrate is between 120kbps and 230kbps

how do I set another or additional option using constant bitrate mode


is it possible to do not exceed 165kbps to change qp options?

I only set is

AVDictionary *opts = NULL;

av_dict_set(&opts, “preset”, “fast”, 0);

please advice me

thank you.

What FFmpeg command line gives you 129-230 kbps? How long is your input video? Have you tried CBR rate control mode offered by hevc_nvenc codec?

When you say your goal is not to exceed 165 kbps, what is the window along which you are measuring the bitrate?