Nvv4l2vp8enc constant or min bitrate


In our GStreamer based application we use nvv4l2vp8enc and nvv4l2h264enc encoders.

For quality assurance reasons we need to make sure that video bitrate is not going under a pre-defined value.

Now we use the ‘bitrate’ property, but the actual bitrate value can drop below this, so I assume this is a maximum threshold.

Do you know any property / setting / or even an other pipeline element which we can use to achieve this (constant or minimum bitrate) ? Or is there any calculation what we can use to figure out the min bitrate from the value of the ‘bitrate’ property? (Like the actual bitrate never goes under the X % of the value set by the bitrate property)


It may meet the requirement by setting virtual buffer size in CBR mode. Please take a look at