Would the Jetson Nano VPU be fit for our project

we have had problems using with omx 264 wrapper for gstreamer in the past but have seen some examples with Nivida SBCs having different features

-Constant bitrate with Filler Data (for example if I set 12mbps and its a black screen it will artificially lift bitrate)
-Ability to modify Video buffering verifier buffer size


In gstreamer, we are deprecating omx plugins. You may try v4l2 plugins such as nvv4l2h264enc. Please look at sample pipelines in gstreamer user guide.


Looked at the link and I saw nvv4l2h264enc is missing features like vbv-size which the omx seems to have

Also found this
It seems it may be impossible to set very low bitrate on high resolutions and frame rates?
we would need to be able to go down to atleast 200kbps

would stringent bitrate add filler data to reach desired bitrate even with a blackscreen/low bitrate video input?

We have vbv-size in v4l2 plugins. Please check


Thanks for clearing that up.

I wasn’t able to find anything more on Filler Data and Minimum compression bitrate.

It does not add filler data. Since gst-v4l2 package is open source, you can download the source code and add it. Please download the package:

We have seen limitation that it cannot go lower than 1.5Mbps for 1080p30:

So for certain cases, it may not be able to go down to 200kbps.


is the gstv4l2videoencode.c file that I need to modify ?


Yes. You may read the code to understand how it works and do customization.