Incorrect results for `printf` with `hhd` format specifier

Is it possible to print a decimal representation of (unsigned) char in CUDA’s printf? While hh size is not explicitly listed in the format specifier section (Programming Guide :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation), the compiler happily accepts it. However, calls to printf using char and hhd specifier result in incorrect values.

Please see the example:

#include <stdio.h>

__global__ void helloChar() {
  constexpr char hhd = 0x7B;    // 123
  constexpr short hd = 0x3039;  // 12345
  constexpr int d = 0x499602D3; // 1234567891

  printf("Decimal positive values:\n"
         "\thhd: %hhd\n"
         "\thd:  %hd\n"
         "\td:   %d\n",
         hhd, hd, d);

int main() {
  helloChar<<<1, 1>>>();
  return 0;

Which generates the following output:

Decimal positive values:
        hhd: 123
        hd:  16720
        d:   12345
Decimal positive values:
        hhd: 123
        hd:  -3760
        d:   12345

Any info on this?