Info please: x16 PCI Express slot outdated? Upgrade from Quadro FX 1500 to GTX470? (CUDA)

I have two x16 PCI Express slots. I use now NIVIA Quadro FX1500 graphics card.
Can I upgrade to graphic cards suitable for CUDA? Or is this type of slots fully outdated?
Please give info because I have no idea how to implement CUDA, with which graphics card?


Err… PCIe x16 is the best GPU interface there is. The only issue is gen1 vs gen2. For a list of supported GPUs, look at NVIDIA’s list. Personally, I would stick with GPUs listed as Compute Capability 2.0 or higher, since they have far fewer sharp edges.

Thanks Ydd, I was waiting for it. The link does not work (Server not found).

I do not know what this means: gen1 vs gen2. How can I find out? I now have Quadro FX1500. Does that help me to find out?

But my wish is to have a graphics card with which I can learn CUDA.

Could you name 3 ? (3 makes a choice possible)(if you know one it is ok for me also).


16 lanes connected to a gen1 slot nets you 4GBps of bandwidth, while 16 lanes connected to a gen2 slot nets you 8 GBps of bandwidth.

Even if you do have gen1 x16 PCIe slots on your MOBO, 4GBps of bandwidth is plenty for a GTX 470. Only dual-GPU cards like the GTX 295 or the Radeon 5970 are slightly bottlenecked in a x8 gen2 slot (or a x16 gen1 slot), as the bandwidth the single slot provides is split between the GPUs. What that means is that if you install a GTX 295 into a x16 gen1 slot, each GPU will only have access to 2GBps of bandwidth, which could hinder them a bit depending on the app.

Thanks again Ydd.

I have two x16PCI Express slots, two x8 PCI Express slots, and one legacy PCI slot.

It looks like I can do GTX470 as well as a GTX295. That is enough choice for starting with CUDA.

I was worried because Wolfram decided not to adapt Mathematica8.0 to (my) SUN (U40 M2-2214, 8Gb, FX1500).

Probably due to Oracle takeover of SUN (I think).

So, I must install another operating system. That is a pity because I was satified with the SUN OS 64 bit.

I have now two options: Ubuntu and Debian.

And two graphic cards: GTX470 and GTX295. That is luxus!

So, if you have some hints on those combinations, that would be fine. But I am already very ok now.

I will now try to find some locals with experience with those two operating systems.

with friendly greetings,


Thanks Slamscaper!
with friendly greetings,