Install cuda and cudnn for GeForce GT 730 GK208 B1

Hi All,

Can somebody suggest me the correct driver, CUDA Toolkit and CUDNN version for NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 GK208 B1 installed on Windows 10 64.

I installed NVidia driver 472.50, then I installed CUDA Toolkit 11.4.3_472.50_win10 and CUDNN 11.4-windows-x64-v8.2.2.26.


Then I compiled dlib version 19.23.99 successfully on Python 3.7. But some dlib/face_recognition function complaints about incompatible CUDA version.
RuntimeError: Error while calling cudaOccupancyMaxPotentialBlockSize() reason: invalid device function

Thanks and regards.


Your card has a Kepler Compute Capability 3.5 GPU and should be OK with both the Cuda and driver versions you’re using.

I know nothing about dlib, but this may be worth reading if you haven’t already: