install cuda and cudnn for Geforce GTX 1080 on Ubuntu 16.04


I choose the following options on the following page to downloaded the driver for my GPU Geforce GTX 1080 :
Geforce 10 Series
Geforce GTX 1080
Linux 64-bit

I then downloaded the file ( is it the correct file for my GPU?

I install the driver on my Ubuntu 16.04 with the following steps:

  1. ctrl+alt+F1 to enter text mode
  2. /etc/init.d/lightdm stop
  3. chmod 777
  4. ./

now, I am going to install cuda and cudnn, but I get confused:
The driver version on my ubuntu 16.04 is 418.56
however, from the following matrix page:

I cannot find out the corresponding cuda and cudnn version…

Thanks and Best Regards,