Cuda 8.0RC & Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I have downloaded CUDA8.0.44 for Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits.
I have not installed it yet.
I have a GTX 1070 and I plan to eventually install CuDNN, Theano and Keras.
My gcc is 5.4, the current Nvidia driver is 370.28

My question is : can I just go ahead and install or do I need to do something else
first to avoid issues like this in the link below ?

Another thing, I downloaded the .run file. I am told that lets you choose skip driver install.
is that true ?
What do you suggest in case it doesn’t match the version above ?
The obvious answer seems to be skip unless version is greater then 370.28 but the system is all working
and I’m a bit wary of recovering everything in case the new driver doesn’t work.
Any suggestion would be really appreciated.

Thank you.


Off topic, but I tried to recover my previous password many times, but it never arrived at the specified address. I also checked spam. Ended up creating a new account with the same email address and that worked. Go figure.