Install Image Recognition on Jetson TX2

Hi, I just bought Jetson TX2, and Im wondering whether I can Install Image Recognition on Jetson TX2 without any HOST PC? Or Do I need to use Host PC to be able to run Image Recognition on Jetson TX2? As I read, that for running Image Recognition, I would need to Install DIGITS too. Can I install both of those in my Jetson TX2 without any Host PC?

Note : I wont need all the sub class of image recognition dataset (which is 100GB), I will only need specific subclass.



To flash image and libraries, you need to run JetPack on x86_64 Ubuntu.
For DIGITs, it’s required cuDNNv6 which is only available on desktop GPU currently.

Usually, we expect user has a desktop GPU(or GPUs) and an embedded platform.

  1. Train with DIGITs on the desktop GPU(s)
  2. Inference with TensorRT on Jetson

By the way, the storage size of tx2 is much small than 100GB.

Hi, Without a desktop powered with Ubuntu x86_64 you wouldnt be able to start Jetson [In General]

For the storage you could either add 120gb ssd or mount somewhat sshfs[I used to train on a dataset ~1GB attached via sshfs] or iSCSI. [0]

2: Tensorflow works fine as it turned out to me. Do not forget to create a swap file using it![1]

1: For the DIGITs you could try employ cloud GPU instances if you have no GPU powered Desktops
0: If you just want to test what it works like you could test it with the demo jetson-interface [2]