jetson-interface retrain

I am just wondering if that is possible to retrain camera-video-detection without DIGITS, but naively on Jetson.

e.g. with tensorflow I do use Jetson [I do not have a pc to run DIGITS at] for static images recognition that way:

sudo bazel build tensorflow/examples/image_retraining:retrain

sudo bazel-bin/tensorflow/examples/image_retraining/retrain --image_dir=/home/nvidia/Downloads/images/

sudo bazel build tensorflow/examples/label_image:label_image && bazel-bin/tensorflow/examples/label_image/label_image --graph=/tmp/output_graph.pb --labels=/tmp/output_labels.txt --output_layer=final_result --image=/home/nvidia/Downloads/Test/TS_1384_0.jpg --input_layer=Mul


Maybe my previous question is helpful?

thank you for sharing the link

Do you mean that if I compile the nvcaffe - there is a way to find a simple way to retrain live-detection of objects?
I shall look into that.

perhaps the resource can be used as a reference for installation

git clone
cd caffe
git checkout caffe-0.15

editing the file [edit file $CAFFE_ROOT/3rdparty/cub/host/mutex.cuh]

line124: --- #ifndef __arm__
line124: +++ #if !defined(__arm__) && !defined(__aarch64__)


now an excerpt from jetsonhacks

sudo apt-get install libprotobuf-dev libleveldb-dev libsnappy-dev \
libhdf5-serial-dev protobuf-compiler -y
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends libboost-all-dev -y
sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev -y
sudo apt-get install libgflags-dev libgoogle-glog-dev liblmdb-dev -y
sudo apt-get install python-dev python-numpy -y
cp Makefile.config.example Makefile.config
make -j6 all



Please use NvCaffe to train DetectNet.
Installation guide is here: