Install Jetbot on JetPack

Hi everyone,
I had downloaded the newest JetPack(JP 4.2.2,release date: 2019/08/26),
and I want to build a image file that include all the jetson nano stuff like jetbot, jetracer, donkeycar and the files needed for the nvidia original course.

Is there any method to build a mixed image file?
So that I can only use one SD card and demo many examples .
P.s My OS is windows
very thanks~

Hi johnson, see this page from the JetBot wiki for creating your own SD card image for JetBot:

Hi dusty_nv ,thanks for your reply!
But seems that the link you post just can download jetbot project.
If I want to install another project, I need to change the link in step9 ?

After you have completed the steps for installing JetBot, you can install other projects or software that you desire.

Hi dusty_nv thanks for your reply again.
But when I follow the step by step tutorial at step8 ,an error occurred ,the message is that:
sudo jupyter labextension install @jupyterlab/statusbarAn error occured.
ValueError: “@jupyterlab/statusbar” is not a valid extension:
No jupyterlab key
See the log file for details: /tmp/jupyterlab-debug-isfq_j1j.log

Is there any solution?

With JupyterLab 1.0 update, the statusbar extension is now built-in, so you can skip this step. We are also currently validating the JetBot install against JupyterLab 1.0.