installing CUDA 9 and cuDNN 7 for Tensorflow

I am trying to install Tensorflow , following this steps
It says i need to install CUDA 9 and cudNN 7. I have found and installed CUDA 9 but i fail to find cudNN 7.

All i can find is cudNN 7.1. Where can i find and download cudNN 7?

Thanks for help.

You may try this link. I think you have to be registered as a developer on the nvidia developers network.

“All i can find is cudNN 7.1”
cudNN 7.1 belongs to cudNN 7 set, in my opinion.
You may go ahead using cudNN 7.1.1 for cuda 9.0 with tensorflow 1.6, as is illustrated in the instruction, for example

I have tensorflow 1.10.0 and cuda 9,cudnn 7.2 . Is this a compatible set? Or should I use cudnn 7?