Where is cudnn 7.1 for windows 7?


The cudnn download section of NVIDIA website allows to download cudnn 7.1 for Linux but not for Windows.

Where can I download cudnn 7.1 for windows 7 – any official or unofficial hidden archive somewhere?



what version of cudnn do you want ?

they are avalable at the website for Windows 7 :
cudnn 7.1.4 ,cuda 9.2,
cudnn 7.1.4 ,cuda 9.0,
cudnn 7.1.4 ,cuda 8.0,

if you are lokking for old versiyon you can this link :
for Windows 7
cudnn 7.0.5-cuda 9.1 ,
cudnn 7.0.5-cuda 9.0 ,
cudnn 7.0.5-cuda 8.0

I’m looking for any 7.1 version compatible with Cuda 9.1, for Windows 7.
There has been a version 7.1.3, with which TensorFlow 1.8 was compiled. Trying to use cudnn 7.0.x, TF complains at runtime, tells me that using 7.1.3 is preferred and later crashes.