cuDNN download can not access

Excuse me. I was trying to install the environment for tensorflow and I need cuDNN.
However, I can not access the download page of cuDNN.
It is very slow and wait out my patience.

I am wondering if there is problem about the download source of cuDNN.

As a test, I just downloaded CUDNN v6 for x86 linux here:

(login at, then click on deep learning SDK…)

It only took about 3 seconds to download the 200MB. Your experience will vary based on your internet connection.

Hi Mod

Could you please telling me link to download CUDNN v7 for CUDA 9 for x86 linux, just like you give above.
Sorry, I live in China, you guys know what happen here right?

Your help really appreciated!


anyone can tell me link to download cuDNN v7.0 for CUDA 8.0.61 on Linux x86_64 platform?

The download mechanics seem to have changed and preclude the sharing of deep links. If you are a registered CUDA developer, login at to download. After you login, click on the large button in the left upper corner that reads “DEEP LEARNING - Deep Learning SDK”. If you are not a registered developer, you can apply at shows message like the following

NVIDIA Developer Site is under going maintenance.
The site will be back by shortly.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

I search on google and get info from “”
and get download link “”

hope to be helpful

Overall the developer experience here is terrible, and makes me sort of hate NVIDIA every time I have to provision a server. This has happened to me like a dozen times now.

  • I never want to login to this site for any other reason, obviously, so every time I need to install a new box, I’ll reset my password. Ok.
  • Setting a new password has crazy requirements. This isn’t my bank. I just want to download a fucking file.
  • The reset password form is actually broken. Certain passwords trigger javascript errors, I guess with spaces?
  • Finally when you’re logged in, the site doesn’t take you to the page you were looking for. So you have to search in google again, because the site is an unnavigable eye-cancer inducing mess.
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