can't download cuDNN v6.0 , it says 403 error!

when i enter this link : , choose the folllowing libraries:

cuDNN v6.0 Runtime Library for Ubuntu14.04 (Deb)

cuDNN v6.0 Developer Library for Ubuntu14.04 (Deb)

cuDNN v6.0 Code Samples and User Guide for Ubuntu14.04 (Deb)

it says: 403 error!

me too

me too

me too

I can’t download it either, but my situation is a little bit different.
It says NVIDIA Developer Site is under going maintenance.The site will be back by shortly.We apologize for any inconvenience.
Does anybody know how to handle this?

It watsted me whole day to struggle with the download problem.
Seems NVIDIA Developer Site will be under going maintenance forever.

the site is up and running;
you may need to authenticate to the website