Can't download cuDNN because the survey doesn't load

When I go to the Nvidia website to download cuDNN, the download button takes me to this survey link:

But a survey never loads, and as a result, I cannot download cuDNN. I tried different browsers, different networks, removing adblockers, different computers, and by inspecting the webpage I can get this error message:


Same here… Gosh, NVidia, is it really so hard to just make a simple download page :/

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same here

same here… too

same problem.

Hi there-
took some time to find out the version numbers and release dates but these should be the “direct” links if you are logged in with your developer account:

cudnn v.8.0.4

cudnn v.8.0.5


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Same here, does anyone have a direct link for windows? please :)

Take a look here

Thank you!

To install 8.05, I followed the package manager instructions. (note: the archive falsely lists windows downloads as x86, should be x86_64)

Can you pls try downloading now.
Looks like there was some technical glitch which is resolved now.
Thank you for your patience.

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