Can’t download cuDNN because the survey doesn’t load

When I go to the Nvidia website to download cuDNN, the download button takes me to this survey link:

But a survey never loads, and as a result, I cannot download cuDNN.

I need the newest version for Windows 64bit.


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I’m tempted to quote Linus Torvalds here, but just say: “NVIDIA, … remove this survey, and just let the developers (who already jumped through the hoop of registering on your site) download the ZIP right away”.

(Is the given link the latest version, or is there some update for cuDNN on CUDA 11.2 ?)

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Can you pls try downloading now.
Looks like there was some technical glitch which is resolved now.
Thank you for your patience.

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This problem still exists. I can’t download the file, the server shuts the connection before reaching 10%.