Cannot begin to download Cudnn v7.1.3 for win 10

Hi there, I cannot begin to download Cudnn v7.1.3 for win 10. I’ve tried many tools like Chrome, Edge, Thunder, Free Download Manager to download, but the only error message I got is HTTP 500 internal error. The download links for linux version worked fine. Does anyone have some ideas? Thx in advance.

I have the same problem

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Wow, now I do not even have download links for any 7.1.x on windows 10 compatible with cuda 91… If anyone knows when 7.1.3 for cuda 91 and win 10 will be available, please let me know. I am trying to install a custom wheel of tensorflow on win, and I need cudnn 7.1.3 for cuda 91 and win 10

Even the current download 7.1.4 has no version compatible with cuda 91?

Why does the link have to be gone :’(

Why :’(

Since it has a license making it illegal to distribute, I have no way of getting it other than the source, and the source does not even have it???

This is silly, if someone has a decent explanation, please enlighten me…

Why :’(