I can't download specific version of CUDNN

Hello, Nvidia, Thanks for provide all of services
I wanted to download CUDNN in this webpage, but some download link doesn’t work.

select Download cuDNN v8.2.1 (June 7th, 2021), for CUDA 10.2
and below download links doesn’t work
[cuDNN Runtime Library for Ubuntu16.04 (Deb)]
[cuDNN Developer Library for Ubuntu16.04 (Deb)]

I got a ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE error when i try download those.
but other download link working well ( ex: ubuntu18.04 )
Could you check this issue for me?



Looks like it’s temporarily down. We recommend you to please try after a couple of hours.

Thank you.

Same issue for CUDA Toolkit download


We are experiencing an outage with our system, and are actively working to resolve the issue. Unfortunately we don’t have an ETA for when this will be fixed. I will update here when this is working.
Thanks for your patience.

Tom K

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I am happy to report that all assets have been reloaded and files are now available for download. Thanks for your patience.

Tom K